Check my Eligibility for the Consulting Services Program

To be eligible for the Consulting Services Program, the small‑scale food processing business must:

Be an establishment that meets one of the following two characteristics:

  • Be a food processing business;
  • Be an agro-processor.

And that meets the following criteria:

  • Prepares food products that are the result of work, usually not automated;
  • Has an offer of food products mainly made up of Quebec products;
  • Whose principal owner is actively involved in the operation of the business, but also in processing operations;
  • Has a maximum of ten employees, including owners.

For more information, contact
your region’s processing advisor.

Get a Department Identification Number

Pour obtenir un numéro d’identification ministériel (NIM) transformateur alimentaire artisan, communiquez avec le conseiller en transformation de votre région.

Enrolment in the Consulting Services Program

As soon as your business gets its DIN as a small-scale food processor, you may enrol it in the Consulting Services Program: