Check my Eligibility for the Consulting Services Program

To be eligible for the Consulting Services Program, the owner of the small-scale food processing business must be actively engaged in its operations and processing activities. Also, the small‑scale food processing business must:

  • have at least 10 employees, including its representative, for completing its processing activities
  • use one or more small-scale processing processes for manufacturing, i.e. processes that are not automated and not performed on an ongoing basis
  • primarily resort to Quebec raw materials, including agricultural products, algae, mushrooms or non‑timber forest products, for completing its processing activities when these raw materials are available in Quebec
  • have a top line not coming from or less than 50% of which coming from activities completed as a caterer, restaurateur, or grocer (supermarket)

Start-up small-scale food processing businesses may also access the Consulting Services Program if they can meet the previously noted criteria within 36 months.

For more information, contact
your region’s processing advisor.

Get a Department Identification Number

To get a Department Identification Number (DIN) as a small-scale food processor:

Enrolment in the Consulting Services Program

As soon as your business gets its DIN as a small-scale food processor, you may enrol it in the Consulting Services Program: