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The Réseaux Agriconseils can guide you when selecting consulting services suited to your needs and refer you to the right advisors.

Financial Assistance Available: 50%-85%

Call upon experts to reach your goals. Contact us at 1-866-680-1858.

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Diversified Consulting Services

  • Financial management and marketing
  • Organizational and human resources management
  • Proximity marketing
  • Building management
  • Small-scale food processing

Financial Assistance for Processors

Consult professionals and get financial assistance! The Consulting Services 2018-2023 Program is allowing a maximum assistance level between 50%-85%, depending on the:

  • areas of action
  • eligible activities
  • target clients
  • strategic initiatives

Financial assistance for all eligible consulting services cannot exceed the following amounts for the duration of the Consulting Services Program , i.e. until March 31, 2023:

  • Agri-environment: $ 17,500
  • Management: $ 20,000
  • Technology: $ 15,000
  • Added value: $ 5,000

The maximum budget allowance is $ 30,000 per business over a five-year period. For clients in their early career and starting up, and for businesses involved in organic production or being converted into organic production, it is $ 40,000.

Financial assistance offered by the Réseaux Agriconseils are made possible through the Consulting Services 2018-2023 Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, pursuant to an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.

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