Torres service-conseil inc.

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Contact details

33 Rue Principale
Saint-Basile-le-Grand Québec J3N 1M3

Territories served

Centre-du-Québec, Estrie, Montérégie

Offered services:

Agri-Environment: Agri-Environmental Support Plan plan (Plan d’accompagnement agroenvironnemental - PAA), Targeted assessment in Agri-Environment, Monitoring and detailed, targeted assessment, Targeted assessment in Agri-Environment,

Vegetal production:

Oat, Wheat, Large-scale farming (cereals, corn, protein crops), Corn, Barley, Forage and prairie plants, Potatoes, Rye, Soy


Plant specialities: Organic agriculture, Cereals for human consumption, Green manure/cover crops, Plant protection,

Soil specialities: Windbreak, Soil conservation and management, Surface drainage, Manure management, Wetland protection,


  • Argelia Torres Hernandez, Agronomist