Club Agroenvironnemental de l'Érable

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767 Avenue Saint-Louis
Plessisville Québec G6L 2L9


Le club agroenvironnemental de l'Érable offre l'accompagnement dans les dossiers agroenvironnementaux : Plan d'accompagnement agroenvironnemental (PAA); PAEF; Bilan de phosphore. Ainsi que la gestion des sols; gestion des fertilisants; gestion des cultures; plan de culture et plan de phytoprotection.

Territories served

Centre-du-Québec, Centre-du-Québec, Mauricie, Mauricie

Offered services:

Agri-Environment, Agri-Environmental Support Plan plan (Plan d’accompagnement agroenvironnemental - PAA), Monitoring and detailed, targeted assessment, Production technique, Related to agricultural practices (farming methods, water management, agroforestry, maple sugaring, buildings, and equipment)

Vegetal production:

Apples, Oat, Barley, Wheat, Carrots and celery, Carrots and celery, Corn, Crucifers, Crucifers, Gourd family, Field crops: vegetables, Field crops: vegetables, Forage and prairie plants, Strawberries, Raspberries, Gourd family, Large-scale farming (cereals, corn, protein crops), Lettuce and chicory, Large-scale farming (cereals, corn, protein crops), Lettuce and chicory, Corn, Sweet corns, Oat, Onions and leeks, Onions and leeks, Orchards, Barley, Small fruits, Forage and prairie plants, Apples, Potatoes, Potato family (tomatoes and eggplants), Potatoes, Raspberries, Rye, Rye, Small fruits, Potato family (tomatoes and eggplants), Soy, Soy, Strawberries, Sweet corns, Orchards, Wheat


Organic agriculture, Urban agriculture, Technical improvement (installations, equipment), Apple growing, Windbreak, Canola, Canola, Cereals for human consumption, Cereals for human consumption, Soil conservation and management, CPWN screening, CPWN screening, Surface drainage, Green manure/cover crops, Fertilizing residual materials, Manure management, Green manure/cover crops, Levelling, Manure management, Fertilizing residual materials, Levelling, Organic agriculture, Plant protection, Plant protection, Plant specialities, Apple growing, Wetland protection, Soil conservation and management, Soil specialities, Soil specialities, Plant specialities, Surface drainage, Technical improvement (installations, equipment), Urban agriculture, Wetland protection, Windbreak


  • Alain Jutras, Agronomists
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